New Jersey

Since 2003, The Children First Foundation has been in negotiations with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission for approval of the "Choose Life" license plate in that state as has been widely covered by the media both nationally and internationally.
With the help and support of our members and donors, the New Jersey "Choose Life" license plate is now finally a reality! Order your plate today and get the message of Life and Adoption on the road in the Garden State. The cost is only a one-time fee of $25 to the NJ MVC as well as the yearly tax-deductible membership dues of $25 to CFF.
As with all specialty plates in New Jersey, you must contact the sponsoring organization for the official NJ MVC application. Please do NOT call or contact the NJ MVC to apply for the "Choose Life" plate. Instead, please contact The Children First Foundation to receive the official application. You may do this in one of three ways:
 (A) Please click on the "Request New Jersey Plate" link in the menu on the left of this web page. In the "Questions/Comments" field, please indicate that you wish to apply for the "Choose Life" license plate in New Jersey and request one official application form per car and how you heard about the plate. Please remember that your name, address, telephone number and email address are also required fields. We will then send you the official NJ MVC application form along with helpful instructions; or
(B) Drop us an email at "" with your name, address and phone number requesting an application form for the New Jersey "Choose Life" license plate. Please request one official application form per car and how you heard about the plate; or
(C) Call us at 1-888-NJCHOOSE-LIFE (1-888-652-4667) and request your application form.

From every $25 "Choose Life" Plate Membership donation, $20 will help fund 66 Pregnancy Resource Centers and Maternity Homes throughout the Garden State as well as non-profit Safe Haven efforts in New Jersey, and $5 will be used to administer this life-saving program.
Please join us today.  50,000 "Choose Life Champions" would raise $1 million dollars every year for ALL of New Jersey's pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes and safe haven efforts that help desperate women choose life and consider adoption for an unwanted pregnancy or newborn.